How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos on Your Phone

How to Download WhatsApp Status in Android Method 1

  1. Open Whatsapp and see the status which you want to save.
  2. By opening that status a temporary copy of the image and video will be saved in the File manager of mobile.
  3. Now Open the File Manager app of your Mobile
  4. After that navigate to Setting and after that Click Show Hidden Files
  5. Now Go to > Whatsapp > Media >.Statuses
  6. Here you will find all the WhatsApp status
  7. Copy the Video and photo which you want to save
  8. Paste it to another folder. You can also cut and paste the file to a different folder
  9. You have saved the desired Whatsapp Status

By following these simple and easy steps, you will be able to download any photo or video status of a contact that was set on the Whatsapp as a status. These methods will allow you to download any WhatsApp status on your android device you’ve opened even if it is been more than 24 hours since the status was posted.

How to Download Whatsapp Status in Android Method 2

 If you don’t want to navigate the file manager for downloading the  WhatsApp statuses, you can try a third-party app.There are many apps that are completely made for saving WhatsApp status in just simple click Status saver, Whatsapp Status saver, Whatsapp Assist etc are such types of the app which let you help to download the WhatsApp status before they expire.

1.Open Playstore.

2. Search for Whatsapp status Saver

3. Click on any of the apps mention above and download it.

4. Open the app it will ask you for permission.

5. Read the permissions and allow them.

6. After that, it will show you all the status of your Whatsapp

7. Just click on any of the Status and open it

8. After opening the status you will see a download button. Just click on download and all done.

9. Hurry! You have downloaded the status.

You can access all the downloaded Whatsapp statuses within the app. If you want to access the downloaded Whatsapp Status directly you can go to the status saver folder directly, Just open your File Manager app and Navigate to Internal storage > Status Saver.

Benefits of  Whatsapp Status Saver App

  1. Separate tabs for videos & image status.
  2. Compatible with parallel Space.
  3. Also helpful for downloading status in the Whatsapp Business tool.
  4. Supports Multilanguage.
  5. It also supports Dual Whatsapp.
  6. Free of Cost.
  7. Shareable button.
  8. You can also chat through the app.

How to Download Whatsapp Status in Android Method 3.

Some people are thinking that downloading an app just for saving the WhatsApp status is no worthy or searching the status file in status sometimes will take time so you can try this method however in this method you don’t need to download an app or enable some setting.

Just Open the status which you want to save if it is a photo or picture wallpaper just take a screenshot and if it’s a video status just turn on-screen recording and start the status.

Here are the Steps to Saved WhatsApp Status in Android using Screenshot(only for picture status).

  1. Just Open Whatsapp
  2. Open the status 
  3. Press Volume down + Power button (if these keys didn’t work for you don’t worry just try Volume up + Volume Down + Power Button & if this also didn’t Work then try dragging down the status bar and click on the screenshot icon )
  4. All done. You successfully saved the WhatsApp picture status.

Here are the Steps to Saved WhatsApp Status in Android using ScreenRecoder (Only For Video Status)

  1. Open Whatsapp 
  2. Now Before opening the WhatsApp status start the screen recording 
  3. You can start it from the status bar where you will find a screen recording icon or you can also start it just by clicking on the screen recorder app.
  4. After that just play the video WhatsApp Status and let the screen recorder record the Whatsapp status for you.
  5. Stop the recorder once the whatsapp status will end.
  6. After recording, you will find the status in the gallery or screen recording folder
  7. All done! You just Downloaded the  Whatsapp video Status